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Hassle free on-call scheduling

An effective on-call schedule needs more than round-robin assignment.

Benefit from schedules that avoid conflict with commitments such as personal holidays while also maintaining a fair distribution of duties.

Enjoy flexible shift assignments and eliminate tricky swap coordination thanks to smart, calendar aware algorithms.

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Works With:

Google Calendar
Outlook Calendar
Fit on-call around life,
not life around on-call
Round-robin on-call assignments are the worst way to manage a schedule!

Minimise disruption to work-life balance and maximise willingness to participate in on-call with a scheduler that works around the personal constraints of each team member.

On-Call Optimizer creates flexible on-call schedules that keep the whole team happy using existing calendar information to avoid on-call conflicting with real life events.
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Intuitive configuration,
for any rotation shape
Whether you use a simple weekly shift, daily rotations, follow the sun, or any variation in between - On-Call Optimizer's flexible rotation configuration can support the diverse needs of every team.

Unlike other tools you don’t need to get tangled in a mess of layers and overrides - the built-in schedule library provides ready-to-go templates and starting configurations you can customise and build from.
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Simple swaps,
with no fuss
Let On-Call Optimizer know what needs changing, and then get back to work!

Behind the scenes, On-Call Optimizer will combine its existing knowledge of the availability of each member and intelligently work through the team to find the best person willing to swap or take the shift(s).

The sophisticated assignment algorithms and flexibility provided ensure that overall fairness and balance is retained across the team.
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Smooth integration,
with all your tools
Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Import calendar events and availability from Google Calendar, Outlook 365 or Jira and then export the generated schedules back to your calendar as well as PagerDuty or OpsGenie ready for use with your existing monitoring and alerting workflows.
Supported Tools
Cross Rotation Scheduling
For organisations with individuals who participate across multiple on-call rotations, On-Call Optimizer can use the existing schedule of one rotation as a constraint on the scheduling of a second rotation, without requiring any additional calendar entries or configuration.
Compensation Reporting

Simplify tracking of hours spent on-call across the team and avoid the need to submit separate timesheets using automated reporting.

Customisable logic allows specification of how compensation for each individual scheduled to provide on-call coverage outside of normal working hours should be calculated.

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About On-Call Optimizer

On-Call Optimizer eliminates conflict and frustration from on-call scheduling, improving work-life balance and maximising the willingness and ability of all team members to participate in on-call duties with confidence their personal constraints and needs will be respected by the schedule.

Founded by Matt Brown, a seasoned Google SRE and DevOps leader who has spent more than 20 years participating in and helping run on-call rotations.

Matt's expertise guides On-Call Optimizer's philosophy and feature development allowing your team to benefit from industry leading expertise and techniques that deliver simple, humane on-call scheduling without spending significant amounts of time or money!

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